Reward Points

Reward Points FAQ

  1. What are Reward Point?
    It is a reward program, you earn 1Reward Point with each dollar spent. TheReward Point can be redeemed during the check-out phase to reduce the cost of your order.

  2. How much are my Reward Point worth?
    100 Reward Point is equal to about $3. For many of our regular customers this meansReward Point effectively cancel out the delivery costs.

  3. Can I redeem myReward Point for cash?
    No, they have no cash value, they can only be used to reduce the cost of an order.

  4. If I forget to use myReward Point can I apply them later?
    You must use your Reward Point at the time of ordering. However if you forget, they will continue to accumulate and you will have more to use next order.

  5. Can I transfer Reward Point to another account?
    No Reward Point are not transferable. If you create a new account,Reward Point in your old account will be lost.

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