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ailsa Rose Violet Colored Contacts(PAIR)

ailsa Rose Violet Colored Contacts(PAIR)

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Very cute but small suggestion about packaging
By Kristie Verstelle on March 20, 2016
Very cute lenses and very subtle I love them, I also got an extra random pair which are very cute too!! one of the glasses the lenses came in was broken tho (probably happened in the mail cuz the mailman didn't know what being carefull was he just threw in through my mailbox) so something I want to say to the seller is maybe put bubble wrap around the lenses that come in glass bottles in case of stupid mailmans? it arrived super fast and the seller also was very helpfull and kind with answering any questions I had, thank you so much and please consider my bubble wrap or any other kind of protection around the glass bottles suggestion :) -Kristie from the Netherlands
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