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WX Black Colored Contacts (PAIR)

WX Black Colored Contacts (PAIR)

as the pigment penetrates into the lens,surface roughness is not occurring at all and the lenses surface is...

By Maria DeMaio on
I am very impressed with this product!I have tried contacts with a dark coloring and the pigment was always still too light for my brown eyes except for these contacts. They also make my eyes look bigger, and there is a black rim around it, with my original eye color barley visible in the rim of the pupil. The lenses are also VERY soft, and moist, and I use Opti Saline Solution to keep them in comfortable condition. Also, inside the package are 2 coupons for $2.99 free, if you want to continue buying their products. The contact come in a small bottle (about 1 inch in length)and it is best to tip it horizontally and the contact will slide out. Do not try and pull the contact out from the bottle, just let it slide. On the bottle there are Chinese characters, but putting them in is self-explanatory...Additionally, I know that the picture shows that the Asian girl's eyes are sparkly, but mine are not, so if you're going for a sparkly look, this would not be right for you because the contacts are very deep, and smooth. All in all, I really love these contacts, and I personally believe they make me look older and more Latina:) Lastly, I am not paid, or bribed or whatever to write this review, I honestly really enjoy these contacts, and I recommend them to anyone who wants a dark, black, almost deep, deep brown color. Standard shipping took 1 week.
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