Dropshipping Program

Why join our Dropshipping Program

1. You can buy our goods at competitively low VIP prices, this is the lowest price possible for resellers.
2. You get preferential customer service. Whenever you access the customer service department, your sales representative will assist you without delay.
3. You get faster shipping. Tell your sales representative what you are selling and we will buy more stock for you in order to ship your order in 24 hours.

Who can join our program

Anyone who buys on a regular basis is able to join our Dropshipping Program. In order to be eligible for the program and enjoy this higher level of service along with better prices, you must first be a member and have brought from us already.

How do I join your Dropshipping Program

Simply register an account with us. and then Credit US$100 to our account, it is Deposit, You will then be able to get dropshipping prices. and all orders will debit from your Deposit.

How Dropshipping Works

  1. Custumer buys from your website or shop
  2. You place order from us
  3. We dropship to your customer by Registered Air Mail with Tracking Number from Hong Kong
  4. You keep the profit


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