Can I make a payment in cash?

It is possible to send us a payment in cash, although we don't recommend it due to the possibility of your payment being stolen or lost in the post. We advise customers considering making a cash payment to purchase postal orders instead. This is a much safer way of sending us payment, and is readily available to anybody who doesn't have a bank account but still wants to order goods from our website.

If you are still interested in sending us a cash payment, all you need to do is place an invoice order with us and write down your total, including the shipping cost when you have submitted the order. Once you have this amount and you have received your confirmation email, write down the order number of your order and write it on a piece of paper. You can then send us this along with the cash payment.

Please ensure that you send the full amount needed to cover the total cost of your order, including shipping. If you are sending a cash payment in a currency other than USD, please be sure to include the right amount in your currency needed to cover the cost of the order when we convert the money back to our own. For your protection, we strongly advise you to send any cash payments via an insured delivery method, ideally with a tracking service.

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